Dog shelter in Trenčín

Dog shelter in Trenčín (Trenčiansky útulok)

We are a civil association Trenčiansky útulok and we are looking for new homes for abandoned and abused dogs.

We offer dogs that are vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. All of them have a valid pet passport.

If you are interested, text us a message (please do not call us).


Do not buy a dog, adopt a dog from our shelter.
When you adopt, you rescue two lives. One is life of the dog, that you adopt. The second life is of a dog from the street that we can save afterward.

Current offer of dogs available for adoption

♂️ - the male dog
♀️ - the female dog
⚽ - active

🛋️ - calm
🏪 - working dog
👶 - suitable for children

👨‍👩‍👧 - suitable for young people
👵 - suitable for seniors
🐱 - loves a cat

🇸🇰 - description in Slovak
🇬🇧 - description in English
🇩🇪 - description in German

All dogs with 🇸🇰slovak🇸🇰 description here.

(We try translate all dogs in English, but if You want to see dogs as the first, see slovak description to.)

How to get there?

GPS coordinates (google): 48°53'05.2"N 18°00'22.9"E